Research Methodology

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Table Of Contents


  1. Introduction and Basic Research Concepts

1.1. Introduction

1.2.  Defining Research

1.2.1. Objectives of Research

1.2.2.  Characteristics of Research

1.3. Research Methods vs. Research Methodology

1.4. Research Approaches

1.5. Need of Research in Business and Social sciences

1.6. Issues and Problems in Research


Review Questions

  1. Types of Research

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Research Types

2.2.1. Basic and Applied Research

2.2.2. Descriptive and Analytical Research

2.2.3. Quantitative and Qualitative Research

2.2.4. Conceptual and Empirical Research

2.2.5. Other Types of Research

2.3. Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

2.3.1.  Qualitative approaches

2.3.2. Quantitative Approach


Review Questions

  1. Research Design and Sample Design

3.1. Research Design

3.1.1. Concepts of Research Design

3.1.2. Types of Research Design

3.1.3. Significance of Research Design

3.2. Sample Design

3.2.1. Essentials of a Good Sampling

3.2.2. Stages in Sample Design

3.3. Sampling Methods

3.4. Sampling and Non-Sampling Errors


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  1. Research Methodology

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Meaning of Research Methodology

4.3. Stages in Scientific Research Process

4.4. Identification, Selection and Formulation of Research Problem

4.5.  Review of Literature

4.6. Formulation of Hypothesis

4.7. Formulation of Research Design

4.8. Sample Design

4.9. Data Collection

4.9.1. Data Analysis

4.9.2. Hypothesis testing and Interpretation of Data

4.9.3. Parametric tests

4.9.4. Non parametric tests

4.9.5. Displaying of Data

4.10.  Preparation of Research Report


Review Questions

  1. Formulating Research Problem

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Research Problem Formulation

5.3. Considerations while Formulating a Research Problem

5.4. Choice of Data

5.4.1. Primary Data Collection

5.4.2. Secondary Data Collection

5.4.3. Choice of Appropriate Method for Data Collection

5.5. Analysis of Data

5.6. Interpretation of Analysis

5.6.1. Research Interpretation Techniques

5.6.2. Precautions of Interpretation


Review Questions

  1. Outcome of Research

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Research Report Writing

6.2.1. Preparation of Report

6.2.2. Types of Reports

6.2.3. Conclusions and Recommendations

6.3. Precautions while Writing a Research Report

6.4. Validity Tests in Research

6.5. Ethical Issues in Research


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About Author

Dr. Vaishali Khairnar is currently associated as Head of Department Information Technology Department at Terna College of Engineering, Nerul, Navi Mumbai . She has done her Doctoral work from Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujrat on Vehicular Ad-Hoc networks. She has more than 19 years of collective experience in industry, teaching as well as research. She has more than 50 papers published in national and international journals and conferences to her credit. Her area of interest includes wireless networks, IOT, Open source tools, Ad-Hoc Sensor networks, Internet Programming, Mobile Application and Development & Storage Network Management and Retrieval. She has authored four books published in India, UK and Singapore. She has been a resource person for several workshops and short term training programmes. She is paper reviewer on different editor bodies at national/ international journals and conferences. She is active member of CSI- Mumbai Chapter and ACM. 


Chandrakant Nimkar has industry experience of 28 years and 25 years of teaching at various Business schools in Maharashtra and Gujarat. His areas of interest are Marketing Research, MIS and Quantitative Techniques. He has been teaching Business Mathematics & Statistics, Research Methodology in Management, Marketing Research, Quantitative Models in Finance, Human Resource and Marketing, Operations Research and Management Science at post-graduate level. He has post-graduate degree in Statistics from University of Mumbai  and has completed courses in Business Management and software and system analysis.