Learn to Master Python

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  • Author : scriptDemics
  • ISBN Number : 978-81-934045-2-2
  • Total Pages : 356
  • Audience : Beginner to Intermediate
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Product Description

This book discusses about programming with python in detail. This book will help you in mastering the python language. You will start with developing a sample first program, which will make you familiar with basic structure of python programming. Later, we will implement the Basic concepts such as data types, operators and statements etc., which are a must for developing any program in python. Later, you will learn to use the different concepts such as Graphics, accessing data from different file formats and connecting with networks, and perform concurrency with threads, which are a must for creating enterprise real life applications.

Table Of Contents

Part 1: Essentials of Programming with Python

1. Python: An Introduction

2. Creating your First program in Python

3. Data Types: Classifying data in Python

4. Implementing Input and Output operations

5. Operators: Performing logical and mathematical operations

6. Statements: Controlling the Program flow

7. Strings: A Sequence of Characters

8. Arrays: Arranging Similar Objects Systematically

9. Implementing functions in Python

10. Lists and Tuples: Managing data Systematically

11. Dictionaries and other Data Structures (link list, Stacks, Queues)

12. Recursion and Algorithms in Python

Part 2: Object Oriented Programming

13. Implementing OOPs concepts, Classes and Objects

14. Implementing Inheritance in Python

15. Implementing Polymorphism in Python

16. Interfaces and Abstraction in Python

Part 3: Implementing Graphics in Python

17. Creating GUI using Python

Part 4: Accessing Data in Python

18. Handling Files I/O

19. Connecting to Database in Python

Part 5: Additional Concepts

20. Handling Errors and Exceptions

21. Regular Expressions

22. Interacting with Networks

23. Handling Concurrency using Threads

24. Handling numbers, dates and Times

Part 6: Labs

25. Implementing Expressions, Variables, Quotes, Basic Math operations, Strings: Basic String Operations & String Methods, List, Tuples, Dictionaries, Arrays.

26. Implementing Statements and Functions

27. Implementing OOPS concepts

29. Implementing GUI Programming using Tkinter

30. Connecting to MySQL Database

31. Implementing connections with TCP and UDP Sockets in Python

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