Marketing Analytics

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Marketing Analytics:

The significance of marketing for any business is indisputable. It encompasses various activities

associated with the promotion and selling of products and services. With the dynamic nature of the market and constantly changing demands and preferences of customers, there is a need for businesses to develop effective marketing campaigns. This involves organising various resources and investing large sums of money. Thus, there is a need to constantly analyse all the marketing activities to develop rewarding marketing campaigns. Marketing analytics is a process that defines all the metrics to examine the performance of marketing campaigns of business organisations.

   The Marketing Analytics book is an insightful study resource for students who aim to excel in the field of marketing. The book covers all the major aspects of marketing analytics including pricing analytics, promotion analytics, forecasting, segmentation, retailing, marketing research and social media marketing. In addition, the book also explains the use of the software MS Excel to perform various functions required in the analysis of marketing, such as summarising marketing data, forecasting demand and trends, determining the relative importance of different attributes of a product, and ascertaining customer lifetime value. After studying this book, the students will be able to understand and apply different concepts of marketing analytics in real-world business scenarios.

The Marketing Analytics book provides updated content about the different areas of marketing analytics in a simple and easy to understand language. In addition, various real-life case studies have been provided with each chapter to enable students gain insights into the application of marketing analytics concepts in the big companies across the globe.

The content of the Marketing Analytics book has been developed to enhance the understanding of the complex concepts in marketing analytics. After studying the book, the students will be able to apply the marketing analytics tools and methods for designing effective marketing campaigns that serve the needs of both business organisations and customers.

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