Digital Business Management

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Table Of Contents


  1. Digital Business Management


1.1. Introduction

1.2. Digital Business Management

1.3. Background and Current Status

1.4. E-Marketplaces

1.5. Digital Business Structure and Mechanism

1.6. Digital Business economics and impacts

1.7. Difference Between Physical Economy and Digital Economy

1.8. Drivers of Digital Business

1.8.1.Big Data Analytics

1.8.2.Mobile Computing

1.8.3.Cloud Computing

1.8.4.Social media

1.8.5.BYOD: Bring your Own Devices

1.8.6.Internet of Things

1.9. Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Business


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  1. Overview of E-Commerce

2.1. Introduction

2.2. E-Commerce

2.2.1. History of E-Commerce

2.2.2. E-Business

2.3. Types of E-Commerce

2.3.1. B2B-E-Commerce

2.3.2.Public B2B Exchanges and Support Services

2.3.3. E-Commerce Framework

2.3.4. Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

2.3.5. Economic Potentials of E-commerce

2.4. Retailing in E-Commerce

2.5. Consumer Behaviour

2.5.1. Importance of Consumer Behaviour

2.5.2. Consumer Buying Process

2.6. Market Research and Advertisement

2.7. E-Supply Chains

2.7.1. Components of E-SCM

2.7.2. Supply Chain Management in E-Business

2.8.  Collaborative Commerce

2.9. Intra Business EC

2.10. Corporate Portal


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  1. E-Commerce Models

3.1. Introduction

3.2.  E-Commerce Models and Applications

3.3. Innovative E-Commerce System

3.4.  Mobile Commerce

3.4.1. Mobile Commerce Framework

3.4.2. Benefits of Mobile Commerce

3.4.3. Barriers in Mobile Commerce

3.5.  Pervasive Computing

3.6.  E-Commerce Strategy and Implementation

3.7.  Economics and Justification of E-Commerce

3.8.  Affiliating E-Commerce Business

3.9.  Launching Online E-Commerce Business

3.9.1. Organisation Buyers Behaviour

3.9.2. Marketing and Advertising Process in B2B

3.9.3. Methods for B2B Online Marketing

3.10.  Ethics and Societal Impacts of E-Commerce

3.10.1. Legal Infrastructure for E-Commerce in India

3.10.2. International Cyberlaws

3.10.3. Cyber Legislations Worldwide

3.10.4. Cyberlaw in India


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  1. Digital Business Support Services

4.1. Introduction

4.2. ERP

4.2.1. Need of ERP System

4.2.2. Architecture of ERP

4.2.3. ERP in E-commerce

4.2.4. Advantages of ERP in E-commerce

4.3. Knowledge Base Systems in E-commerce

4.3.1. Advantages of Knowledge Base Systems in E-commerce

4.3.2. Different Knowledge Base Systems

4.4. Information and Referral System in E-commerce

4.4.1. Referral Program Metrics

4.4.2. Guidelines to Create Successful Referral Programs

4.5. Other E-business Support Services


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  1. Digital Business Application Development

6.1. Introduction

6.2. E-commerce Platforms to Build Digital Business Applications

5.2.1. Hosting Options for E-commerce Platform

5.2.2. Different E-commerce Platforms

6.3. Digital Business Infrastructure (E-infrastructure)

5.3.1. E-Infrastructure Architecture

5.3.2. Evaluating Criteria for E-Infrastructure

5.3.3. Different Technologies in E-infrastructure


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  1. Managing E-Business

6.1. Introduction

6.2. Data/Information and Knowledge

6.3. Information System

6.3.1.Components of Information System

6.3.2.Types of Information System

6.3.3.Evolution of Information System

6.4. Introduction to Knowledge Management (KM)

6.5. Knowledge Management in E-business

6.5.1.Benefits of KM in E-business

6.5.2.Implementation of 10-Step KM Road Map in E-business

6.6. Management Skills for E-business Leaders

6.7. Managing Risks in E-business


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  1. Security in E-Business

7.1. Introduction

7.2. Need of Security in Electronic Commerce

7.2.1.Using E-Payments in E-commerce

7.2.2.Using E-Cash/Digital Wallet in E-commerce

7.2.3.Using Credit/Debit Cards in E-commerce

7.3. E-commerce Threats

7.4. Cryptography

7.4.1.Cryptographic Attacks

7.4.2.Types of Cryptography



7.4.5.Digital Signatures

7.4.6.Digital Certificates

7.5. Firewall

7.5.1.Types of Firewall

7.5.2.Configurations of Firewall

7.6. Protocols used in E-commerce

7.6.1.SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

7.6.2.PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

7.6.3.S-HTTP (Secure HTTP)

7.6.4.Secure Payment Protocols


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  1. E-Business Strategy

8.1. Introduction

8.2. E-Business

6.2.1.E-Business Functions

6.2.2.Types of E-Business

6.2.3.E-Business Vs E-commerce

6.2.4.Advantages of E-Business

8.3. E-business Strategic formulation

6.3.1.Selection an e-business strategy

6.3.2.E-business strategy into Action

8.4. E-business Challenges

8.5. E-Transition

6.5.1.Importance of Digital Transformation for Business

6.5.2.Framework for Successful Digital Transformation


Review Questions


  1. Materialising E-Business

9.1. Introduction

9.2. Business Plan

9.2.1. How to Prepare Business Plan?

9.2.2. Steps Involved in Business Planning

9.3. Materialising E-business from Idea to Reality


Review Questions


  1. Case Studies

Digital Marketing

DM_CASE STUDY- 1: Multistep Email Campaigns Boosted Conversions For RWE

DM_CASE STUDY- 2: International SEO Increased Organic Traffic

DM_CASE STUDY- 3: Full-Funnel Strategy of ICICI Prudential

DM_CASE STUDY- 4: Google AdWords Boosted Business Expansion

DM_CASE STUDY- 5: Mobile Marketing for Colgate India

Risk Analysis

RA_CASE STUDY -1: Risk Analysis at AIIT Manufacturers

RA_CASE STUDY-2: Risk Analysis Planning at CMM Constructions

RA_CASE STUDY-3: Poor Risk Management at Wells Fargo

RA_CASE STUDY-4: Risk Management using Software and Analytical Models

RA_CASE STUDY-5: Risk Modelling by Tiger Analytics

RA_CASE STUDY-6: Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis by Palisade

RA_CASE STUDY-7: Improvement in Risk Management Process by Cognizant

RA_CASE STUDY-8: Risk Assessment by OpusDatum

Marketing Analysis

MA_CASE STUDY-1: Mahindra’s Association with Sustainability and Green Living

MA_CASE STUDY-2: Decision Analyst’s Customer Loyalty Model

MA_CASE STUDY-3: Web Analytics Success in Video Games Promotion

MA_CASE STUDY-4: Advertising for Hispanic Markets

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About Author

About the Author:


Dr. Deven Shah is a Professor working as Vice Principal at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai. He is a techie having 25 years of experience in corporate as well as academia. Dr. Shah has served as Principal during previous tenure and has the honorary position of Chairman Board of Studies (Information Technology) of University of Mumbai. His research work is commendable and he has filed five patents. During his tenure in the industry he has served as All India Technical Head handling various networking domains. His work in industry was accorded with Best Employment Award. His research work on SOA bagged him IBM Best Faculty Award and IBM Drona Award in 2007.  He completed his Ph.D from National Institute of Technology Surat, in 2010. His passion is to adopt new and latest technology and customize it to solve real-world problems. Dr. Deven Shah has been interacting wit Government body and was invited for Indo-UK Security and Identity Research Work, sponsored by DoS, Government of India. Information Week Magazine recognised his work on Cloud Computing and honoured him with Silver EDGE CIO Award in 2010. Being pioneer in his field, he has provided Technical Consultancy Services for numerous corporates in different countries, prominently in UK, in the year 2012. With the zest to transform business providing valuable insights, right now is doing consultancy on Block Chain Technology.


Dr Deven Shah also had the privilege of being Principal Investigator for an Indian Space Research Organization Project (ISRO). His proficiency in developing precise and powerful content on latest technology reflects through numerous technical books he has authored and course content developed for various institutions and organizations.