Learn to Master BigData

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Product Description

The book works at creating a foundation for Big Data learning by introducing certain initial concepts in the field of Big Data. You will come across detailed overview of Business Intelligence, which is a must for any education discipline and as core to Big Data. You will learn about using the BI with different tools available in the market and how the same is related to analytics and big data, which helps in solving the real-life problems by generating reports and dashboards for easy understanding, using the existing data available.

Table Of Contents

1. What is BigData ?

2. How Big Data helps in solving Problems.

3. Business Intelligence as an initial step to enter the Big Data Field

4. Solving Real life problems using Information Technology and BI

5. Classifying Data available on the Networks

6. OLTP and OLAP Data

7. BI- Business Intelligence: Must for Analytics

8. Data Warehousing: Must for Decision management

9. Data Modeling: Conceptual to Physical Design

10. Measures, Metrics, KPIs and Performance Management

11. Generating Report and Dashboards

12. Statistics and BI

13. Data Mining: Examining and Generating Information

14. Analytics in Real Life.

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scriptDemics is a team of highly experienced content developers with educational expertise, experience and proficiency in regular as well as niche domains. These include senior faculty members, industry experts, corporate trainers, working professionals and free lancers.

The team believes in creating up-to-date content that is research-oriented, has exhaustive coverage of all topics & easy for students to understand which will give them a cutting edge and enable to excel in their assignments.