Learn to Master ASP.NET with C#

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In today’s changing environment, you come across different requirements/scenarios to develop a web application. Sometimes, development is easy, while at other times it may be quite complicated - involving integration of other applications. All needs are unique and so are the solutions. ASP.NET evolved as a mature solution provider to such requirements; from Enterprise Web application development to web services that interact with different target operating systems.

This book discusses ASP.NET in detail; starting with the core concepts of .NET 4.6, and ASP.NET 4.6, explaining the visual studio (Paid and Community Edition) and its improvement so far in relation with ASP.NET. You will also come across ASP.NET Core, which is an open source cross platform used for building web applications on Windows, Mac or Linux, where you learn about the different controls used for developing web applications using Web forms, SignalR, MVC or web pages based formats. In the process of learning, you shall also be taught about different core concepts such as caching, tracking, user profiles globalization and security in ASP.NET. Most importantly, you will find many examples discussed in this book on C#; that too related to real-life.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of .NET Framework 2
Chapter 2: C# Language Basics and Programming 2
Chapter 3: ASP.NET 2
Chapter 4: HTML Server Controls 2
Chapter 5: Web Controls 2
Chapter 6: Validation Controls Validation 2
Chapter 7: Navigation Control 2
Chapter 8: Data Controls 2
Chapter 9: Rich Controls: 2
Chapter 10: State Management 2
Chapter 11: Caching 3
Chapter 12: ADO.NET 3
Chapter 13: Data Binding 3
Chapter 14: LINQ 3
Chapter 15: Working with XML 3
Chapter 16: Security 3
Chapter 17: Creating Web Sites with VWD 2010 3
Chapter 18: User Controls 3
Chapter 19: Themes and Master Pages 3
Chapter 20: AJAX in ASP.NET 3
Chapter 21: Web Service 3


Chapter 1: Overview of .NET Framework
Objectives, Main components of .NET Framework and their overview, Types of Applications
.NET Framework Architecture– CLR(Goal of CLR, Services/Features, Benefits, Managed Execution Process, Automatic memory Management), CTS(CTS Overview, Type Definitions, Type members, Different types of data such as class, delegates, pointes, arrays, interfaces), Meta Data, Structure of Metadata & Self Describing Components, Cross Language Interoperability & CLS, Assemblies(Assembly overview, Benefits, Contents, Types)

Chapter 2: C# Language Basics and Programming
Comments, Variables and Data Types, Variable Operations, Object-Based Manipulation, Conditional Logic, Loops, Methods, Classes, Value Types and Reference Types, Namespaces and Assemblies, Inheritance, Static Members, Casting Objects, Partial Classes, Exception Handling (try, catch, finally blocks, throwing exceptions, Err object, Using masked Textboxes)

Chapter 3: ASP.NET
Creating Websites, Anatomy of a Web Form - Page Directive, Doctype, Writing Code - Code-Behind Class, Adding Event Handlers, Anatomy of an ASP.NET Application - ASP.NET File Types, ASP.NET Web Folders

Chapter 4: HTML Server Controls
View State, HTML Control Classes, HTML Control Events, HtmlControl Base Class, HtmlContainerControl Class, HtmlInputControl Class, Page Class, global.asax File, web.con?g File

Chapter 5: Web Controls
Web Control Classes, WebControl Base Class, List Controls, Table Controls, Web Control Events and AutoPostBack, Page Life Cycle

Chapter 6: Validation Controls Validation
Validation Controls, Server-Side Validation, Client-Side Validation, HTML5 Validation, Manual Validation, Validation with Regular Expressions

Chapter 7: Navigation Control
Site Maps, URL Mapping and Routing, SiteMapPath Control, TreeView Control, Menu Control

Chapter 8: Data Controls
Data-bound Controls, Data Source Controls, GridView, DetailsView, FormView, Other Data Controls, Working Together with Data Source and Data-bound Controls

Chapter 9: Rich Controls:
Calendar Control, AdRotator Control, MultiView Control

Chapter 10: State Management
ViewState, Cross-Page Posting, Query String, Cookies, Session State, Con?guring Session State, Application State

Chapter 11: Caching
When to Use Caching, Output Caching, Data Caching, Introduction to Caching Data, Different Ways to Cache Data in ASP.NET Web Applications

Chapter 12: ADO.NET
Data Provider Model, Direct Data Access - Creating a Connection, Select Command, DataReader, Disconnected Data Access

Chapter 13: Data Binding
Introduction, Single-Value Data Binding, Repeated-Value Data Binding, Data Source Controls – SqlDataSource

Chapter 14: LINQ
Understanding LINQ, LINQ Basics, Introducing Query Syntax, Standard Query Operators, Shaping Data with Anonymous Types, Using Server Controls with LINQ Queries.

Chapter 15: Working with XML
XML Classes – XMLTextWriter, XMLTextReader

Chapter 16: Security
Identity, Authentication, Authorization, Using Login Controls, Configuring the Web Application

Chapter 17: Creating Web Sites with VWD 2010
Working with Web Forms, Working with CSS in Visual Web Developer, Using ASP.NET Server Controls, Standard Controls, HTML Controls, and Understanding ASP.NET State Engine

Chapter 18: User Controls
Creating User Controls, Adding User Controls to a Content Page or Master Page

Chapter 19: Themes and Master Pages
How Themes Work, Applying a Simple Theme, Handling Theme Conflicts, Simple Master Page and Content Page, Connecting Master pages and Content Pages, Master Page with Multiple Content Regions, Master Pages and Relative Paths

Chapter 20: AJAX in ASP.NET
]Using ScriptManager, Partial refreshes, UpdatePanel, Triggers, Progress Noti?cation, Timed Refreshes

Chapter 21: Web Service
What is web service, ASP.NET Web services, Creating a simple web service, Consuming Web service

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