Content Development

The way learning is delivered to the educational universe has been redefined with the advent of the digital era. Content once delivered through the print medium is now reaching audiences through electronic gadgets -computers, tablets, smartphones, and eReaders.

StarEdu Solutions has developed a deep understanding of the medium and tailored its world-class services to match every requirement. Our services are distinctively designed to support the end-to-end content cycle requirements of the Educational Institutions and the training companies. Our subject matter experts are senior academic professionals along with technology specialists engage in evolving content strategies and deliver content both on print and Digital format.

Why StarEdu Solutions ?

We work closely with SME’s or authors on content needs, writing guidelines, review process, length, accuracy etc. Also understand market needs and competition and plan for pedagogy, international editions, supplements and digital derivatives. We collaborate on prototype designing and template creation too.

When it involves digital product development our services include develop instructional design strategy and create story board with appropriate levels of interactivity keeping the end users learning outcomes in mind and adapt products for international markets.

We excel in getting engaged for digital content products to digital consumers faster and more cost-effectively. Our wide-ranging subject matter experts deploy smart content technologies across every aspect of production and produce the entire spectrum of Books, eBooks, apps, digital end products.