Web Programming & Interactive Technologies

  • Type : Paper Back
  • Author : scriptDemics
  • ISBN Number : 978-81-934045-3-9
  • Total Pages : 410
  • Audience : Beginner to Intermediate
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Product Description

This book discusses about web development tools such as HTML, Reponsive web, CSS, PHP, J query,XML and Ajax. it will give complete overview of the subject and will be useful for learners master the subject with easy to learn examples. The topics covered in the books are latest in the technology.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction to Web Programming
  2. Introduction to HTML 5
  3. Designing your first web page with Html
  4. Structuring a Web Page with HTML
  5. Creating Lists and Links in HTML
  6. Creating Tables with HTML
  7. Creating Forms with HTML
  8. Adding Media in your Web Page edited
  9. Designing with CSS
  10. Animating with CSS
  11. Introduction to JavaScript
  12. Implementing function and methods
  13. Implementing decision and loops
  14. JavaScript Object
  15. JavaScript BOM & DOM
  16. Programming with JQuery
  17. Programming with PHP
  18. Essentials of PHP
  19. Implementing OOPs Concepts in PHP
  20. Connecting with Databases
  21. Implementing File and Directory programming in PHP
  22. Handling XML Data using PHP
  23. Handling Errors and Sessions
  24. Introduction to XML
  25. Introduction to Ajax
  26. Integrating PHP and AJAX








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The team believes in creating up-to-date content that is research-oriented, has exhaustive coverage of all topics & easy for students to understand which will give them a cutting edge and enable to excel in their assignments.