Learn to Master Microsoft Office 2016/365

  • Type : Paper Back
  • Author : scriptDemics
  • ISBN Number : 978-81-934045-6-0
  • Total Pages : 250
  • Audience : Beginner to Intermediate
  • Price : 450

Product Description

The book has been designed to help you to learn the major applications of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite. This book gives a holistic view of the Microsoft Office 2016 and how you can use the same in your daily lives, to ease into tasks like creating documents, performing calculations and creating presentations. Towards the end, you will also come across one of the most prominently used applications in the suite – Microsoft Outlook 2016, which is an important tool for sending and receiving e-mails.

Table Of Contents

1. Exploring Microsoft Office

    a. Introducing Microsoft Office 2016 UI

    b. Understanding the Features of Microsoft Office 2016

    c. Knowing Microsoft Office 2016 Applications

2. Exploring the Word Processor Application – Microsoft Word 2016

    a. Creating a Word Document

    b. Styling the documents

    c. Collaborating on documents

    d. Saving the documents

    e. Opening the documents

3. Exploring the Spreadsheet Application – Microsoft Excel 2016

    a. Creating Spreadsheets and exploring cells

    b. Performing Calculations

    c. Managing Data on Spreadsheet

    d. Saving the Spreadsheet

    e. Opening the Spreadsheet

4. Exploring the Presentation Application – Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

    a. Creating Presentations

    b. Running Slideshows

    c. Adding Sound and Movement to your Presentation

    d. Opening the existing presentation

5. Introducing the e-Mail Application – Microsoft Outlook 2016

    a. Sending and Receiving Mails

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The team believes in creating up-to-date content that is research-oriented, has exhaustive coverage of all topics & easy for students to understand which will give them a cutting edge and enable to excel in their assignments.