Learn to Master Java

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  • Author : scriptDemics
  • ISBN Number : 978-81-934045-1-5
  • Total Pages : 350
  • Audience : Beginner to Intermediate
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Product Description

This book discusses about Core Java in detail. In the process of learning, you will come across; essentials of core Java 8 – Including datatypes, operators, conditional statements and many other important concepts of Java, to implementing OOPs concepts, to creating GUI applications in Java, to accessing data in Java, and to final deployment. Concepts taught in this book are explained using real-life examples, and this book covers labs for the reader to perform and enhance their skills in Java. Some of the labs/experiments covered in this book are related to drawing house on the applet, handling exceptions, implementing arrays and recursion in your program.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Java Language

          History and Versions of Java

          Features of Java

          The Java Virtual Machine

          First Program in Java


          Java Control Statements

          Java Data Types


 Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Programming









          The this Keyword

          The Static Keyword

          The final keyword

 Chapter 3: String Manipulations


          Important methods Methods of a the String Class

          The String Buffer Class

          The StringTokenizer Class

 Chapter 4: Packages and Interfaces



 Chapter 5: Exception Handling



          Handling Exception

          Pre-Defined Exceptions

          User-Defined Exceptions

          The try-with-resources Statement

 Chapter 6: Multithreading


          Creating a Thread



          Interthread Communication

 Chapter 7: Input Output Streams


          Byte-oriented Streams

          Character-oriented Streams

          The File Class

          Object Serialization

 Chapter 8: Networking in Java

          Socket in TCP

          Socket programming in TCP/IP

          Socket programming in UDP

 Chapter 9: Wrapper Classes

          Types of the Wrapper Classes

          The Byte Wrapper Class

          The Short Wrapper Class

          The Integer Wrapper Class

          The Long Wrapper Class

          The Float Wrapper Class

          The Double Wrapper Class

          The Character Wrapper Class

          The Boolean Wrapper Class

 Chapter 10: Collection Framework

          Exploring the java.util Package

          Working with Lists

          Working with Sets

          Working with Maps

 Chapter 11: Inner Classes

          Implementing the Inner Classes

          The Member Inner Class

          The Static Inner Class

          The Local Inner Class

          The Anonymous Inner Class

Chapter 12: Working with the AWT Package

          The Event Delegation Model

          Working with the Layouts

          Working with the Individual Components

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